Witch Doctor Spirit Barrage Build

Here is a Spirit Barrage Witch Doctor Build:
Submitted by: Unknown


Currently a level 41 WD in Act 2 Nightmare.. Havent died once and when I have decided to play with others..

I'm generally the highest damage output.

Spirit Barrage is far from useless, in my build ^ its my best form of Single Target DPS with my High Hit so far being a crit of 4.2k.

On spirit walk.. I dont use it.. with a runed 80% Speed Reduction Grasp.. monsters do not reach me.. and in the crazy chance that they do.. In my build.. You will have Haunt running healing any damage you take and Locus doing the same if you have a % Life Conversion weapon. In extreme situations, you drop a Harvest which gives you a ton of health with its HP rune and you're golden.

Believe I sit somewhere at 1300+ Character listed damage fully buffed with my current set up.

The one issue you'll have with my build is Mana.. you cant spam AoE like you would with other abilities.. but you really dont need it. Against groups (In groups, AkA Multiplayer) a Grasp > Locus > x1 Haunt is generally enough DPS for the rest of your guys to clean up safely without you seeming like a burden more than a benefit and against Bosses, your passives / runes give you enough return mana to keep a barrage going out at a constant rate. (And thats without heavy +Mana regen gear [On my current gear at least])