Witch Doctor Tank Build

Witch Doctor Tank Build by Completeli. (Note: This build is not for inferno.)

The build:

A lot of people have been saying poison dart with splinters is more damage... and it's just not. Not even single target does it compare, At low weapon levels it is strong but if you aren't using spiders (every rune is useful for difference situations) you aren't taking advantage of your ability to multiply low percentage proc chances to obscene levels.

2.6% chance to freeze/stun/blind/fear/etc via 6 casks of 4 spiders just became ~50%
chance to control 1 or 10 or 20 monsters to death. And with tanking this basically increases
your mitigation even more.

10-300 life gained on hit - The amount of healing you do with just 10 health on hit through 24 spiders is almost ridiculous. I expect serious nerfs to spiders just for these two things.

Locust swarm: I had to do a lot of experimenting to get to this point. Dire bats was just sooooooo ridiculously good...I thought. This spell combined with Jungle Fortitude and Bad Medicine basically gave you 50% immunity to all damage to everything you can see and even off the screen. The rate this spreads through 30-40 monsters is insane. 1 cast with 30 monsters surrounding you just outdamaged 2-3 mana bars of Dire Bat spam.

Spirit Walk: With Spirit vessel gives you the lowest cooldown ultimate defense spell in the game, Even beating Monk Serenity spell. Not to mention you regain 21% of your maximum health every 13seconds. And if by chance it's not enough, Spirit Vessel will pop it for you free of charge and cooldown every 90 seconds (which is almost impossible to need even that fast).

Soul Harvest: Another giant heal which Illusion Arcane Damage Anything mobs will have you laughing with the 9-12k heals you pop off every 15 seconds.

Hex: Almost everything in the game can be sheeped up. There are only a few bosses that can dodge the bullet. The heal is just icing on the cake, and more useful than pretty much every other rune.

Acid Cloud: With corpse bomb rune is your swap with Hex when need be. And fills your need for huge damage when you need it. I get up to 18,000 crits with this. No cooldown means you can spam 4-5 instantly and do 90k damage in a split second, all the while you have your widow-maker spiders to get your mana back full for the next round of ridiculous damage.

The Gargantuan: The one summon that never falls off. It's good when you get it and it's even better late. the bruiser is even more disable you can take advantage of. the random stuns he throws out mixed with the almost nonstop disable from your spider procs makes you take such a low percent of attacks.

All those spells mixed with:
22% dodge
26% block

...is why we are the tankiest of all characters.

And with the burst from acid cloud can still blow up giant mobs when need be.