Witch Doctor Act 1 Stunner Build

Witch Doctor Act 1 Stunner Build submitted by Mr. Kim.



What I do is Spam my hex constantly, Summon when I need a tank stun although it only lasts, during that time if he doesn't die he will be knocking them back.

The Wall of Zombies, if placed right will block the way, if you place on them it will stun them for around 4-6 seconds. Voodoo gives you attack speed and damage bonus.

It takes practice to know when to use and such, because you need to juggle 4 cooldowns for Mana Regeneration +300%.

The passive Blood Ritual decrease mana cost, so you can do more constant damage. The spirit walk increase mana as well, and is the best time to keep hitting when you have 4 cool downs and activated a stun and just keep hitting. If you kill monsters on the side, you get cool down -1 second, mostly intended for spirit walk. Elites will be stunned by hex as well turned into a chicken.

Works best with:
  • Damage: 15k-20k
  • HP: 30k+  (around 800 vit)
  • Int: around 1500
  • Dodge Chance: 15%-20% (around 500 dex)
  • DR(damage reduction): 40%-50%
  • Lowest Resist DR: 30%-40%
  • Bonus IAS: 30-60%  +(15+15+15+15) (Gloves, 2x Rings, Amulet)
  • Bonus Mana Regen: +(12+12+12)=+36 (wep, offhand, helm) more preferred
  • Bonus HG RAD: 15-25 yards

I have -9 mana cost to bears but thats not nessessary