Witch Doctor Acid Rain Inferno Build

Diablo III Witch Doctor Acid Rain Inferno Build submitted by Danyanek.

The Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aeUkRZ!ecZ!abcaaa

This is a spinoff of a few other builds. I have used it halfway into Act 2 Inferno with success (by success I mean I do die, but I move forward at a consistent rate.)

I opted out of Horrify/Mass Confusion for Haunt. Adds more dps, and constant pressure.

Fetish Passive will give you the opportunity for a lot of "little tanks" and distractions. I use wall only to trap the mob, for maximum safe uptime. Hex is used virtually on cooldown, as its a safe heal. The reduced dmg from the other passives allow for wiggle room.

Running spirit vessel (which I would do during bosses)