Witch Doctor Inferno Act 3 Guide

Witch Doctor Inferno Act 3 Guide submitted by Minstro.

Poison Darts - Splinters

Hex - Hedge Magic

Spirit Walk - Jaunt

Wall of Zombies - Barricade

Grasp of the Dead - Unbreakable Darts

w/ 2H: Horrify (pref on rune between 24 yds or longer).

Mass Confusion w/ Unstable Realm, or Fetish Army w/ Legion of Daggers. w/ 1h: Dire Bats

(explanation below)

This slot is up to preference and where you are in the Act. In early Act 3, such as the lighting beacons and catapults Fetish Army is preferable for me as the walk between each beacon is large and it's a strong cooldown against elite packs. Mass Confusion and Horrify are more situational but I personally choose Horrify for Arreat Crater since Phasebeasts jump on top of you and one shot.

My passives are Spirit Vessel, Pierce the Veil and Blood Ritual or Gruesome Feast (been trying out both)
  • I use the Enchantress follower as she gives an attack speed buff and extra control, the Templar I find is near useless as he runs in and gets crapped on 99% of the time. I have not tested the Scoundrel. 
  • I run at 39k DPS, ~285 in all resistances and 21k HP. I have tried a 30k DPS build w/ ~390 in all resistances and 38k health and while it's easier to farm Act II with that build you lack damage to burn through any elite mob in Act III.
  • As for gear it really depends; in general stack +atk speed on every piece that can get it (jewelry, gloves and some legendaries have it), and have +movespeed boots. After that prioritize high intelligence gear, as in +140-200 per piece, if it has +all resistance even better but really not needed. You can get some extremely inexpensive blues with great stats as people value them less. 
  • For a weapon, you can either go with a high weapon damage 2h w/ +15% (at least) attack speed, or as a variation to the build go with a Ceremonial Dagger + Mojo combo with Mana Regeneration to spam Dire Bats while kiting. Both are viable but I prefer 2H as Splinters hit harder per and you lose DPS with a kiting build the higher attack speed you go without actually attacking i.e when kiting. This makes a 2h preferable as it minimizes DPS loss from kiting, though you have to run with no AoE which can make Illusionist a bit obnoxious. Buying an appropriate weapon is vital for this build. 

Play Stye

Now for play style, you are going to be kiting an extreme amount on elite packs and such, but will actually be able to kill them. I can go through up to Cydaea in Act 3 with a five stack of Valor. You need to keep Hex nearly always up, especially against reflects damage.

Although it sometimes 'bugs' and won't hex if positioned incorrectly or mistimed, so you will need to get a feel for this spell if you haven't. Spam GotD off cooldown and use it to kill ranged minions out of LoS it the Depths part of Act III where the Quillbeasts and Skeleton Archers can easily one shot you from around the corner.

Wall of Zombies takes a bit to learn when and how to place it as well; generally against blue packs/rares my strategy is to Hex -> DPS -> Place Wall of Zombies on top of them for a 6 second 'stun' -> DPS > 1-2s before WoZ is down GotD at their feet -> DPS -> Spirit Walk and run back, DPS -> Horrify/Mass Confusion -> DPS.

Of course this is an optimal rotation and cannot always be done against all types of mobs. Fast isn't too bad as you will be DPSing only while they are controlled or you yourself are in Spirit Walk. Teleporting is really frustrating as they can blink over WoZ or out of it. Jailer/Waller/Frozen in small areas you will need to hold onto Spirit Walk for when caught. Mortar is just something everyone should learn to deal with and avoid.

With this build trash is extremely easy, as long as you can avoid missle attacks. The only trouble in Act 3 that I've had is Phasebeasts and at some points Soul Lickers. Always kite towards the spawn and where you know there will be no adds to the pull so you can rez faster so they won't reset and you won't be overwhelmed.

I believe this build, with the current prices and amount of high stat/tier gear is the best bet to progress through Inferno this early in the games existence. Stacking Vitality/Resistances drops off as the damage increases exponentially more so than the health and I don't believe it's possible to get enough to sustain damage through Act III and beyond Inferno without Act IV+ gear. Witch Doctor excels at a glass cannon build if you learn to rotate control spells and when to damage during them.

Good luck and I hope this helped. Remember to not get frustrated and to take breaks. Tunnel vision on a quest/boss/checkpoint can really hurt your gameplay!