Diablo 3 Witch Doctor Soulharvest Build

Here is a Witch Doctor Soulharvest build by UZ.

At level 15 this is my setup:

Primary: Dart (Slow)
Secondary: Dire Bats
A1: Soul Harvest (Swallow Your Soul)
A2: Horrify (Phobia)
A3: Zombie Charger Passive :
Spiritual Attunement

Build Strategy:

So my basic strategy was to throw out a few toads, run in, Soul Harvest (Recouping some mana back to full), and then blast the shit out of everything with Dire Bats for some HUGE damage. If I had a group of champs/rares I would throw down a charger for a quick little knockback and throw more bats out, and if they were really stubborn and kicking my ass I would cast Horrify and regroup.

For gear/passives, I really focused on buffing my intelligence, maximum mana, and mana regen. This allowed me to get massive damage on my spells, and have enough mana/regen to constantly pump out my bats, almost completely ignoring my primary. I got really lucky with some rare WD drops that helped with that which really helped me fling bats in all directions, just laying fucking waste to the masses. I'm not exactly sure what my damage was on a 5 SH stacked Dire Bat, but it was over 400, more than enough to 1 shot most mobs.
Additionally, I'd like to add that I did not die at all in Act 1, which I am very proud of!

All in all, I'm loving the WD so far. After I finished the A1 boss I was semi-dissapointed that I didn't get any unique drops, but such is life!