Witch Doctor Fire Bats Inferno Build

Witch Doctor Fire Bats Inferno Build submitted by Keeperofstars.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aUjdci!WVU!aZYZab

General method is to spirt walk into a large group, tap soul harvest to get 650 int, toss hex out, toss mass confusion, I know seems counter productive, but it works. Also means you got 300% mana regen, to spam firebats with while everything stands still taking damage at 20%(hex)+20%(mass conf) + 20% (pierce passive) + 220% firebats. For a total of 280% damage.

Assuming you have around 30k damage which is with junk gear even, you're doing AOE damage close to 84000 damage per bat which is passing through whole waves of mobs that are standing around. I keep dart with splinters for non-elites / picking off a few, or when I'm kiting around waiting on a  spirit walk / hex cooldown, takes just a quick second to fire a few darts and keep running.

For gear mainly its int / vit. If I can get some attack speed great if not no biggie. I find a 1 hand high damage weapon and a mojo work really nice. Mojo's addition to base damage tend to outweigh what you can find in 2handers. Yes you can get a high dps 2 hander for a fortune that is better or you can buy 2 cheaper (1h / mojo) and get nearly if not more the same damage.

I tried running with voodoo totem but you end up having to kite off it 90% of the time, and it's on such a long cooldown, great for vision quest, horrible for anything else. Hex with damage increase works well. I know a lot of people run it with heal cause it's great way to get life back, but it's not enough to matter. lets round up 2k hp a second only takes 15 seconds to get you to full health at 30k health.

Takes 6 seconds to break even with one potion. So I find it not nearly worth it, also your better off taking siphon with soul harvest, nearly 12k hp drawn with it every time. Also you're not a tank / sustain, you're a prevent them from attacking while you burn them down asap. This build does just that. Kill them before they kill you mentality. With the aid of spirit walk, siphon, and hex you should have them unable to kill you without them just being really OP, you know the jailor descrator, frozen wallers.