Witch Doctor Inferno Belial Build and Strategy

Witch Doctor Inferno Belial Build and Strategy submitted by Dorfie.

I don't have great gear but using the perfect build I was able to nuke Belial down before the Nagas started spawning.

The Build:

During phase 1: Don't touch any health globes and get a 5 stack soul harvest up. The duration rune makes sure it's still up for phase 2.

Phase 2: You should have your 5 stack harvest, grab 5 globes instantly for the +50% intel. Pop your 2 120s cooldowns and spam those darts. Your fetish pets will tank the hits so just stand still and nuke. If you had your 5 stack harvest and feast up you should easily beat the naga spawns even with bad gear.

With this strat the hardest part is actually phase 1. If you do phase 1 perfectly phase 2 is just hold down left click.