Barbarian Inferno Double Tornado Build

Barbarian Inferno Double Torando Build submitted by DiNo2909.

New build I found based around Sprint, Whirlwind and Battle Rage. Generate insane amounts of fury with good tanking and great damage.


Note: Also check our Kripp's Whirlwind Barbarian Build if the Double Tornado build doesn't work for you.

Taking on a Vortex+Waller+Vampirism+Teleporter and a Plagued+Jailer+Desecrator+Fire Chains champion pack at the same time, wouldn't even have dreamed about that with my previous build. Also, Butcher under 2 minutes despite my terrible weapon.

Basically, you can use Sprint while using Whirlwind. Sprint generates tornadoes that hit ennemies very fast, so it generates insane amount of fury thanks to the rune on Battle Rage. It allows to keep whirlwind rolling forever as long as there's at least 3 enemies together.

Having Life on Hit items heals you a lot too, since the tornadoes hit like 4 times a second, and whirlwind too, so you can tank really well. I have very low Life on Hit there and I still heal well.

Note: This build requires high Critical Hit Chance.