Diablo 3 Barbarian Tank Build

Hey Diablo 3 fans. Here is another build for the Barbarian, this time it's a tank / melee build.

Thanks to Hipicleas for this build. If you have a build you would like to submit, please post a comment below.

I love looking at different builds (for the classes I like) and I love to discuss them as well. I attempted to post my build on the forums but we all know how useful the forums for Diablo are. I will post a link and my reasoning for each skill choice.

My build (Link leads to Diablo 3 calculator)

My main purpose is to tank with friends and to have a lot of fun and grab all of the mobs attention while my friends do all of the damage.

Mouse Abilities:

Cleave: Gathering Storm
I want to use Cleave obviously because it is a great aoe move and works well with a sword and board. Gathering Storm is to help with some crowd control and keep good enemy containment.

Whirlwind: Blood Funnel
I didn't have any fury spenders so I wanted to add something in to this build. I added in Whirlwind because my main in D2 was a whirly barb and I love it and with Blood Funnel I get some extra health.

Ignore Pain: Mob Rule
This is a pretty obvious choice. I want a nice panic button in case I get too many mobs and I added Mob Rule because I will be playing this build with friends and it helps them out with DR.

Leap: Iron Impact
I really like Leap as an ability while romping through dungeons and also as a jump in on the enemies and wreck some !@#$. Iron Impact I feel is really awesome because the extra armor just gives me that much more durability.

Threatening Shout: Demoralize
With Demoralize this becomes a great AoE taunt and with Inspiring Presence I double the duration of the taunt.

Revenge: Provocation
Revenge I feel is so awesome for tanking, especially large groups. With Provocation it will proc more which is something I want.


Originally I had Nerves of Steel but swapped it for Superstition because I wanted nice defense against Ranged mobs and the added fury generation is nice as well.

Tough as Nails:
Again more armor and I feel that this and Revenge mesh really well together.

Inspiring Presence:
I really like this because it not only increases the duration of War Cry but also gives me a really nice heal over time.