Kripp's Whirlwind Barbarian Build / Spec Guide

Whirlwind Barbarian Build / Spec Guide by Kripparian.


Screenshot of gear:

1.0.8+ Updates and Edits:

HP you should aim for: 40k HP is a good number to aim for.

WotB not staying up? Try playing with a higher Monster Power. When enemies die too fast, your Thrive on Chaos won't be able to generate enough Fury for WotB to stay up, so try something like Monster Power 3 - 5 if you can handle it. I find with about 150-200k dps, MP 5-6, I have no problems staying in Wrath throughout zones, and it's always ready to go again if it does go down.

Also something I used to do is try switching out a passive for Boon of Bul-Kathos. Since Wrath is the main key to this build, always having it ready really helps out. There will be times when you are stuck without wrath and you get a really nasty combo, with this rune, most of the time, you won't find yourself in that situation.

Check out Maintaining WotB Minimum Requirements if you need more tips.

Note 2 for passives: If you do enough DPS (above like 90k) bloodthirst would be a great passive to pick up instead of Nerves of Steel. Bloodthirst works very well with this build because each tick of your tornados heals you. With life steal from a cheap Immortal Kings belt and this passive, you can stay alive

Extra DPS and a useful attack: Once both your Resistances and Armor are high enough with your gear  (about 400-500 res, and 5.5k armor), try dropping Warcry for Hammer of the Ancients - Smash. This ability is very useful in many situations. For example when you encounter mobs that keep running away, Hammer of the Ancients will take care of them a lot faster than trying to create tornados around them. Also mobs that jail you when WOTB isn't up aren't a problem any more because if you are close enough to them (which you should be most of the time) HOTA will take care of them easily.

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