Freight Train Barbarian Build

Freight Train Barbarian Build submitted by Lok.

This build hits like a freight train over and over, mowing down the crowds with great ease, and cutting down bosses quickly. It is not crit dependent, and it greatly amplifies low dps, so it can be more relaxed in terms of gearing. I was able to function fully in magic find gear with it.

Try this build!ZbY!cZabcZ

Quick Rundown
  • Frenzy/Maniac is your builder. Damage ramps up to 20% bonus at full stack. I skip sidearm because AOE is better done by furious charge.
  • Furious Charge/Merciless Assault- basically if you charge through 5 or more, the cooldown is reset. The charge itself does a knockback, so you can chain charge a pack down quickly. This generates 15 rage each time you use it, keeping your fury bulb full.
  • Battle Rage/Marauder's Rage- 15 rage gets you 30% damage for can easily keep this running with all the rage from the charge move.
  • Overpower/Crushing Advance- The big reason to take this is puddles of poison/molten stuff actually HEALS you due to the reflect function of this skill, making it critical for life return when there is loads of garbage on the ground.
  • War Cry/Impunity- for resitance and armor buff
  • Wrath of the Berserker/Insanity- Get another 100% damage buff
  • Passives" Ruthlessness, Nerves of Steel, Weapon Master
  • Versus large crowds, war cry, battle rage, then charge back and forth until they die.
  • Verses bosses- pop wrath and battle rage- at a full frenzy stack you are doing +150% damage with frenzy acceleration, and the puddles heal you, while you are immune to crowd control. My DPS goes from around 20K to 70K when I do this, which is disgusting and cuts bosses down fast.
  • Shielders can be problematic, engage and use charge to get out if it gets bad.

Note: furious charge is golden for waller/arcane combos since if you click outside the walls and hit charge, it will find some crazy path and get you out.

Gearing- You don't need high crit to make this work, but it can ramp up damage. Nothing really procs on crit in the build. Life on hit with frenzy works nicely, and I reccomend getting it in ring/ammy slots since life on hit weapons are disgustingly overpriced these days, and you can focus on crit damage on them. Other than that the usual thing of high armor, high resists, high vitality applies.

Because your DPS gets multipled so high by this build, you can slack off on that attribute and gear more for survival.