Barbarian Hell Build

Barbarian Hell Build submitted by sylar2jz.

The Build:!bec!YccYbZ

Just thought I would share this with you guys. After much trial and error, and a LOT of nerdrage, I've found a build that I rather like and is quite soloable. Even easier after last night's stealth armor fix.

This build provides superior self healing and great defenses, while keeping high damage output. The aoe damage can be rather awesome when you have things focusing you and Revenge is going off like crazy.

-You'll notice there is no Fury dump. With Revenge set in the Right mouse position, it is easily spam-able, and hits like a truck with the max Fury passive. Procs constantly.

-Your second heal and mobility ability is Furious Charge with the Dreadnought rune. A massive heal when facing multiple mobs, and great for mobility. It took me a while to get used to this instead of Leap, 'cuz <3 Leap, but the heal is invaluable. It can still get you out of tough spots and nasty like Leap can, the only failing in comparison is it can't hop ledges and walls like you can with Leap. Aside from that, the heal is really great for those in-between times that Revenge refuses to activate.

-To offset not having a Fury dump, the Berserker Rage rune provides a rather nice damage output increase since you are nearly always Fury capped.

-Armor shout with Invigorate for more armor/health. I'm at 65% damage reduct with it up.

-Damage Reduct shout with the Taunt rune to reduce all incoming damage by 20% and get things hitting you to proc Revenge even more (when in a party, change to whatever if you're solo).

-Wrath of the Berserker with Insanity for those iffy moments or when taking on rares/bosses. Not only is your damage output going to go through the roof, your gain a ton of defense and best of all, immunity to CC's like Frozen, Fear, Jail, etc. Great if you don't like being rooted in the middle of a bunch of Arcane, Plaguebearing, Molten, Jailers/Freezers.


Nerves of Steel (Vit > Armor conversion)

Superstition (further 20% reduced damage from Magic)

Berserker Rage (Since you're nearly always Fury capped, provides a nice damage increase)

Using Cleave with the Broad Sweep rune for my main attack since cleave is just peachy. BS rune to increase it's damage further when your max fury passive kicks in. I do switch to Bash with the Punish rune for bosses.

The only shortcoming I've experienced with this build so far is on bosses. Since your power/survivability increases with the amount of enemies you're facing, a single target reduces your self healing significantly. Bosses with adds are no prob. Butcher-like bosses are a little tough, so I usually swap out the 20% damage reduct shout with Earthquake to combo with the Wrath transformation for insanity uber-damage.

I leave it to you to try, I've just found that I like it. My Hell leveling partners noticed a huge boost to my survivability and decrease in deaths. Just thought I'd share.

42k health
65% DR from Armor