Ranged Barbarian Build

Here is another Ranged Barbarian Build submitted by sb.



Weapon throw - Ricochet - The reason for this is simple - weapon throw damage is relatively low and hits one target only - this makes it hit up to three or if there are two it hits one twice so you're dealing more damage and landing more hits which also means you have a higher chance to crit and gain the fury you need to keep spamming these.

Leap - Launch - This is your evasive skill, launch slows enemies meaning you have more time to turn around and spam weapon throw (which also slows the enemy)

Overpower - storm of steel - This is pretty epic once you start getting a few crits going. it launches three axes at nearby enemies and cools down very quickly

Battle rage - Bloodshed - Increase to damage and crit chance - bloodshed procs the 15 fury on weapon throw so it's extremely useful and deals nice damage to targets in the area meaning you can cut through mobs much quicker.

War cry - impunity - every barb needs that little bit of armor and res boost this gives (unless you're rich)

WoTB - Slaughter - A mass increase in critical chance and attack speed and critical strike does an ERUPTION OF BLOOD dealing damage to all targets within 15 yards making it possible to cut through enemies much faster and also procs the fury gain of weapon throw.


No escape - 10% damage to weapon throw and crits have a chance to generate fury - this is essential to the build. without this you will run out of fury in not time at all.

Weapon master - 10% chance to crit on axes is useful but if you have 40+ without this then you can swap it for tough as nails

Ruthless - 5% crit and 50% crit damage is very good


Gear is simple. You want to survive and deal damage. 700 res is ok and 6k armor. Extra movement speed always helps because it allows you to kite a if required and you will be much faster than mobs because they're slowed by your axes. Life on hit is good if your damage is low but if you get 30k+ it's worth including some life leach. You can find reduce resource cost for weapon throw mighty belts so if you can find one of these it will help your build a lot.