Double Tornado Inferno Barbarian Build

Here is an update to the Double Tornado Inferno Barbarian Build by Dino2909.
Note: Also check our Kripp's Whirlwind Barbarian Build if the Double Tornado build doesn't work for you.

Gear worth about 6 million. Yes, it's cheap for a Barbarian in Inferno. No need to comment about how you beat it with 30 gold with your WD.

I beat Izkatu, Rakanoth and Izual solo. Champions packs are doable too.

For those of you having trouble generating fury against small groups of foes, check out the parts where I fight my shadow clone. You should be able to handle any solo enemy this way, except those who kite all the time.

My Stats : 
Armor : 3675 (4770 with passive)
Resistances : 470-517
Life : 45163
Damage : 17981 (28500 buffed)
Critical Hit Chance : 24% (39% with passive)
Critical Hit Damage : +261%
Life per Hit : 1922