Diablo 3 Ice Wizard Build

This Ice Wizard build was submitted by KeIsob.

This is my late-game Ice Wizard build.

It is built to have as much AP regen as possible, to fuel raining comets onto frost nova'd and slow timed enemies. In this build, Comet is your only ability that even costs you AP.

Both the Frost Nova and Slow time are runed to Increase damage taken by the comets. Diamond skin is runed to lower AP cost, to loose even more.

With this build, you rotate between Frost Nova, Slow Time, Frost Nova, Diamond Skin, Frost Nova, and so on. All the while spamming comets, and then your signature runed to restore 8 AP per hit with Prodigy. All the while you have +20 max AP, and +4 AP regen/second from Arcanot and Astral Presence. Let the Comets pour.

Link to the build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#aPYgXj!WcX!YYcZZY