Wizard Balanced lvl39 Build [Hardcore]

Wizard Balanced lvl39 Build [Hardcore] submitted by Unknown.

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UilRdm!ZcX!bbabYa

Use a shield and a one handed sword.

Buff vitality and intelligence.

Gaming Style:

When Kiting Act passive and spam Hydra around corners and walls. This will allow you to spot mods before they spot you.

Use blizzard to slow large packs of enemies. When surrounded blast Wave of Force with Teleport Rune in order to get out and if in a really bad situation use Archon.

This build is good for balanced HP/DPS game play. You can either buff your health for defense or increase DPS with Intel and Vitality.

When solo use Enchantress with a good two handed weapon, She will buff you and do loads of group damage.

Mouse skills are all DPS oriented for a midrange tactics and the rest of the abilities are meant for pushing and distance mob-group kiting. At lvl 20-39 This will get you through all the acts on Normal Diff.

Have Fun!