Diablo 3 Lightning Wizard Build

Here is a lightning Wizard build by Sokend:


Electrocute -> Chain Lightning. To hit up to 6 targets.

Arcane Orb -> Celestial Orb. Mainly need an instant nuke type spell for what I have in mind.

Frost Nova  -> Shatter. For more control.

Storm Armor  ->  Shocking Aspect. Crits have a chance to shock a nearby target. Additional source of lightning damage.

Magic Weapon  ->  Electrify. Attacks have chance to arc lightning to 3 nearby targets. 3 additional sources of lightning damage.

Archon -> Improved Archon. Really this could probably be just about anything else. I just love the idea of archon.


Paralysis: 8% chance to stun for 2 seconds on lightning damage. All that source of lightning damage, and the speed of chain lightning should result in a lot of stunning while Frost Nova is on cooldown.

Glass Cannon: More damage, more damage taken. Ideally the control should be enough to make this worth it.

Arcane Dynamo: This is the reason for an instant nuke spell. Once 5 flashes of insight are up, I want to dump that into a single ability, and then start building up more.