Wizard High Damage Build

Wizard High Damage Build submitted by Kosic.

This build is down to doing pure damage. There is some survival skills in it. But no crowd control abilities.

You can edit the build around to how you like it. But with this set up.

I'm getting average damage of 14-17k on arcane missiles (non crits) and 42-55k ticks on Archon form's beam ability.

This is the build:


You buff yourself with the increase damage buffs from the Familiar, weapon enchant and passive buff of glass cannon.

This is a 42% increase of damage through 3 buffs.

You use Arcane Missiles as your normal single target ability, you can change it to other skills to your liking. But this is our hardest hitting primary attack (143% weapon dmg).

Archon Form:

When you stack 5 stacks of Arcane Dynamo, you can use Archon form. Because of the 5 stacks, you get 75% increase damage per stack (375% increase damage to Archon).

You only want to use this form when you know there is a lot of trash, so you can stack up the duration buff per kill (The highest duration stack I got on an AE group was 3mins and 23 seconds in Act 4 on hell mode, this was the actual timer left on the buff after the first room).

You also should use this on special elites, and bosses when you know you got a good 8 seconds or more of a straight forward nuke.

Now for gear.

As abilities scale on percent of weapon damage. You need to aim for the best possible damage weapon. Don't worry if it doesn't have intellect. But intellect helps too (I'm using an axe with 732 dmg, + 15% speed increase, no other stats).

I then aimed to get some speed increase. This would be rings, neck and gloves, as their the only items (also weapons) that have increase speed stat.

Gloves I would aim for int and speed increase. Rings was just speed increase (int and speed would work better but never found em), and neck int and speed increase.

If you're becoming over whelmed by adds, you can switch out the shield for piercing orb for a decent AE (not tried it in Inferno, since I stopped using it in act 3 on hell mode, but it was hitting for about 5-6k a tick when I was lvl 58).

Also, the quicker your cast speed is (press C then go into details), the higher your out put is.

Every spell is locked to a 1 second cast speed. So increase the number of casts per second to get the best out of your wizard.