Wizard Meteor Build

Wizard  Meteor Build by BPT.

The build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#bPYXOS!WcX!bYZabZ

Piercing Orb: This does the most damage of all signature spells but still allows me a save distance. It always goes through your target and you hit a lot. With Astral Presence this fills up your Arcane Energy to 140 in about 4 shots.

Meteor: Very nice damage, I choose this over Arcane Orb (very powerful) because I can drop it in the middle of a group, while Arcane Orb damage can be very significantly reduced by one or two monsters running in front of a group.

Frost Nova: 3 second stun on a 9 seconds cooldown, I feel like I am super weak without this. It also increases my Meteor (Comet) damage by 20%.

Crystal Shell: Nice 'oh ****' button, saved my ass so many times and allows for that powerful Frost Nova to be hit without danger to your life.

Energy Armor: More Arcane Power to start with so bigger combo's. 65% armor is huge aswell, I'm expecting a nerf to this spell soon.

Magic Weapon: 15% extra damage is so much!

Battle plan:

  • Round up monsters.
  • Cast 2 Comets.
  • Cast Frost Nova.

You can change this build for more DPS by dropping Cold Blooded and putting the Star Pact rune on Meteor. Before I had access to Comet this is what I ran but I'm expecting to need more control in Hell / Inferno.

Currently this build is so strong that I feel like a lot of other skills are completely useless. For example: Magic Missile with Penetrating Blast. When compared to Shock Pulse with Piercing Orb. MM does 110% damage with 70% chance to pierce, SP does 105% damage with 100% chance to piece.

You gain 5% damage and lose 30% piercing, what kind of moron would use MM with that rune? Aside from that I really dislike the fact that there are no primary skills for each elemental type and the melee one's are not that good in higher diffeculties because you generaly can't take that many hits.