Low Level Wizard Build

Low Level Wizard Build submitted by Lok.

Here is the build:


Discussion: Shock pulse with explosive bolts is a way to kill crowds fast. Each shock pulse sends out 3 charges, and if you kill something, it blows up doing damage to other things within 10 yds. If you soften the crowd up with an arcane orb, you can easily get a chain reaction going of exploding enemies that can clear out huge crowds quickly.

Even on singles, shock pulse can hit hard. If you get point blank, 3 sparks can hit a single target doing massive damage.

You can send a stream of sparks into a charging group by holding shift and left click and watch them never reach you.

Arcane orb with the obliteration rune is  a great compliment to this build. If you are facing a tough boss, you can launch an orb, run away, launch another, repeat until the boss dies.

Diamond skin and Energy Armor give you the survivability to deal with the point blank play this build encourages. Before 28, Frost Armor works as a reasonable substitute. The short cooldown on Diamond Skin lets you hit it just before you enter a crowd, then you spam your shock pulses and usually it is all dead by the time Diamond skin wears off.

Magic weapon and Familiar are there to boost damage of your shock pulses and arcan orbs even further.

Blur gives you a flat 20% damage reduction which lets you play more aggressively.

I like Prodigy for a second passive since it lets your shock pulses recharge your arcane power for more orbs. Typical packs have strong enemies mixed in with weak ones, and pumping Arcane Orbs into the stronger foes helps them all go down together.