Two Wizard Inferno Builds

Here are two great Wizard Inferno Builds submitted by Hobbs.

Blizzard Kiting

Main idea - Use a combination of blizzard and venom hydra (and generally a signature spell) to kite champion packs while taking minimal damage.

Other skill slots are generally taken by defensive skills such as diamond skin and energy armor.


Variations - Left click is very open to preference; I most often see piercing orb, lightning blast, magic missile (seeker or charged, can be combined with temporal flux passive), and even arcane orb. Magic weapon can be substituted in for teleport for more DPS.

Arcane Kiting

Main idea - Use an arcane signature spell (generally magic missile) and arcane orb combined with temporal flux to kite champion packs while taking minimal damage. Usually uses venom or arcane hydra for additional damage and/or slow. Other slots taken by defensive skills.


Variations - MM rune can be changed to charged or split I guess. Arcane hydra can be used for more reliable slowing. Magic weapon can be swapped with teleport for an additional escape.