How To Find The Murlocket Amulet Guide

How to find the murlocket Amulet in Diablo III guide - Time To Summon Your Murloc! Submitted by X-1OA.

1. Go to Sewers of Caldeum

2. Find the unclickable barrier

3. Kill Moontooth Dreadshark

4. Get your Amulet

5. Summon your murloc

TIP 1: Make your runs on lower mps, magic find has nothing to do with the drop rate.

TIP 2: Moontooth is a rare spawn elite, don't expect to see him everytime.

TIP 3: The amulet is a blue drop, not yellow or orange.

Video (finding Moontooth but no drop..)

Note: This guide is for patch 1.0.8+