Diablo 3 Drop Rates Spreadsheet

Treasure Goblin / Pygmy / Bandit / Seeker Drop Rate Spreadsheet Submitted by Pyrophobiac.

Over the past three days I've killed hundreds of treasure midgets, and discovered there are 4 types, Bandits which are black/white, Seekers which are red, Goblins which are gold, and Pygmys that are blue.

We noticed that the drops tended to be slightly different for each so we decided to get some data to confirm our suspicions.

Data for about 35 kills are below:


Since the data sizes are relatively small, we can't draw too many conclusions, but two things that are obvious are this.

First, Seekers have a high tendency to drop gems, but as a result tend to drop slightly less gold and items.
Second, Bandits tend to drop more tomes, but as a result drop less gold and items.

In our data set, pygmys and Goblins are indistinguishable, but over the next day or so I'll take more data points.

TLDNR: Four types of treasure midgets: Bandits which are black and white and tend to drop more tomes, Seekers which are red and tend to drop more gems, Goblins which are gold and tend to drop items and gold, and Pygmys which are blue and tend to drop more items and gold.