Rank 9 to 14 Jewelcrafting Spreadsheet

Rank 9 to 14 Jewelcrafting Spreadsheet submitted by Nokarot.


Description: With the help of TaigiaD3 (whom provided the accurate recipe details for rank 13/14 gems, which weren't available on the D3 Item Database) I've put together this retroactive spreadsheet to help people in their gem shopping, if/when the commodity AH ever comes back up.

I'll be updating this specific one if you want to bookmark it, but if you want to save/edit your own copy, you can plug in the AH prices of Flawless Squares (the highest droppable gem rank) and it updates all the upgrade prices.

I expect the gem prices are off right now given how the commodity AH has been down for over a week and a lot of undercutting will throw those numbers for quite a few loops, but I'll keep it as updated as I can when that happens.