Auction House Guide and Other Pages Updated

Auction House Guide Updated, Farming Runs, New Builds, Guides Added, Pages Updated.

Thanks to Blooz for submitting a new Auction House guide which replaced our old outdated one. Head on over to the Diablo III Auction House Guide page to check it out.

There are also some new Act II Farming Runs in the farming guides section: Two Act II 1.0.8 farming runs and the Act II Complete Farming Route.

As for other pages, there have been quite a few updates and additions to the blog recently, as well as updates to current builds, guides and other pages for 1.0.8.

Recent Class Builds and Guides Additions:

For Barbs, a new Barbarian Soloing Uber Bosses Guide and an in depth Hammer of the Ancients (HOTA) Builds, Guides and Videos page was added.

As for Demon Hunters, the 1.0.8 Strafe DemolitionBola Echoing Blast and Impale PVP builds were added.

New Monk additions include the Wave of Light Build, 1.0.8 MP10 Group Farming Build and the 1.0.8 Tank / CC/ Party Support Build. The Monk guides section was also updated with the new DW XP / Loot Dashing Ninja Guide.

As for the Witch Doctor, the Witch Doctor Pet Build was updated for 1.0.8, and two new builds were added: The 1.0.8 Sacrifice / Bears Speed Build for running MP 5 - 7 an an interesting 1.0.8 Sword and Shield Firebat Build. Also check out the new 1.0.8 Witch Doctor Budget Build Guide.

Wizards got a new 20M Budget, Blizzard XP Farming Guide. The Critical Mass CDR Guide was updated as well.

Lastly we added a Murlocket Amulet Guide.

Diablo III Blog needs your help: If you find any outdated pages that we missed, please contact us so we can update them. It would really help out the site!