Diablo 3 Inferno Tips

Diablo 3 Inferno Tips by igdub. Don't forget to check out the Diablo 3 Inferno Gearing Guide.

  • If you wish to group up for inferno, I highly recommend bringing a tank with you.
  • This allows a few of the other classes to go for way more dmg and it's easier to sustain it when the mobs don't run around.

I was at ~9k dps (with DH) when I finished hell and went to inferno, and the mobs did die albeit a bit slowly. Currently after finishing act1 I'm at ~20k unbuffed (the calculation kinda sucks since it doesn't take increased crit dmg into count) and the monsters go down with a nice rate on a 4 man group. Solo, they drop REALLY fast but I've yet to try much of that.

Tank Gear: I would also advice to gear your partys tank with pure survivability since the superiors really hurt but are easily tankable. Stats like more health from orbs are a lot better than they might seem.

Blue Drops: Regarding drops, just go 4man, everyone max with the mf buff and the best goblins / act boss, always drop ~4blues ~2yellows. No other MF source used. normal-hell found no legendaries but during inferno act1 we ran into three.

Another Inferno tip by nenyim:

Don't go in inferno after hell if you don't have a good weapon (400+dps), you can clean act 3 with some MF(not really needed but can always help) to get some pretty nice stuff fast enough.

Monk+barb in nearly full tank (if not full tank) with 2 dps range is a nice and esay setup. And don't please don't do as I did : Don't build only DPS on your dps, you will need some defense and some HP.

Blizzard's Top Tips for Inferno Mode

Analyzing Your Current Stats Guide:

Submitted by 10khours.

This is a good way to analyse your current defensive stats for characters approaching inferno act 3;

Take your max HP and divide it by 35. Subtract 315 from that result.

The number you get is what your resist stat should be relative to your current max HP.

Take that "ideal resist" stat and multiply it by 10. That is what your armor should be relative to your current HP.

And lastly, make sure you have at least 100 dex.

Here is an exampe for someone who has current max HP of 30,000;

30,000/35 = 857.1 857.1 - 315 = 542.1

So you should have 542 resist all.

542x10 = 5420 so you should have 5420 armor.

If you make sure your stats follow this ratio you will be getting the ideal amount of EHP (effective HP, the amount of raw damage you can take before dying).

If you had 30k HP and you had say 2400 armor and 200 resist all, this formula would basically tell you that you should aim to increase your resistance and armor before getting more HP.'

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