Wizard Inferno Build

Wizard Inferno Build by RR.

  • Energy armor is a must, you will die without it in harder difficulties.
  • Electrocute can be swapped out for preference, but I recommend keeping it or going for shock pulse with piercing orb (larger aoe and harder hitting, but less attack rate).
  • Arcane orb + obliteration is good because most of the time I am kiting while trying to unload as much damage as I can with diamond skin up.
  • Diamond skin is a no-brainer, however you should also take crystal shell at higher difficulties because it will break from damage.
  • Magic weapon + force weapon and familiar + sparkflint are optional take them to maximize damage or swap them out when more defensive moves are needed.
  • Galvanizing ward. I play inferno with 9k hp, to put that in perspective, the mobs hit normally for about 20k, the only reason I can solo is because of energy armor, combining low hp with the high regen is why I took galvanizing ward. It saves you potions and saves your life, couple this with a templar follower with both heals.
  • Glass cannon is good because you die in 3 hits anyway (energy shield!!!) so the damage bonus is free.
  • Astral presence so you can unload 3 arcane orbs instead of 2, and you regen faster so you can unload more.
  • This build requires a lot of kiting, however so does every other wizard build, you will kill the heavy hitters easy but small fast mobs will give you trouble.
  • For single target damage I drop arcane orb and astral presence and get ray of frost + cold blood and get the passive cold blooded you will do insane damage but it will be difficult to kite.