Effective Health Pool Calculator

Here is a Diablo 3 Effective Health Pool Calculator made by Drakie.

Note: This calculator is still a work in progress and is currently being updated, so you may find a few bugs, and a few numbers may be off.

My main char is a barb and I've had serious issues getting into inferno, trying to touch every resource I could get to improve my char I built this tool to calculate your EHP.

The Calculator:

Diablo 3 Effective Health Pool Calculator

(Note: Link is currently not loading for some. It may not load, try again in a few minutes. The server seems to be having problems.)

It nicely shows what passives/runes improve your EHP the most and gives you a good idea how much EHP you're on and if you come back a few days later and update it you can see your increase (I'm gonna build a character system at sometime, atm you'll have to write it down yours elf).

The tool is now built so that it can support all classes.

Curently implemented are:
- Barbarian
- Wizard
- Monk
- other classes will soon follow.

- with / without dodge
- with melee / ranged / magic specific reduction
- with skills increasing your EHP someway
- toggling skills on and off to compare them

It's completely clientside javascript, so changing stuff will make it calculate everything on your machine, hence you might find a small spike/freeze when you do,
this is mostly because I haven't bothered with optimizing it (atm the onchange events trigger itself, thankfully backbone handles that fairly well).

You can input your base armor, resistance, VIT and life %, it will generate your final life, armor, resistance (which should match your character screen).

Behind all the checkboxes it displays the EHP if you would change it (checked<->uncked) and how much %% change that would be.
That's what you can use to see which ones increase your EHP the most.
For example you can easily see that War Cry with +resist rune is far better then the other two options.

I'd love to expand on this when I get some more time to give it a nicer UI and show more information (eg check how much +EHP you'd get for getting +100 armor etc).
Could make it more generic so it would work for Monks too ;-)

Known issues / bugs:
- Barbarion War Cry has 3 interesting runes, you can check them all together, but until I come up with a better way to configure the skillbuilds I will leave this to the users responsibility

- Life is off by 200~300 hp, I need to figure out why the provided formula (from other theorycrafters) is off