Monk Calculator and Gear Checker

This Monk calculator and gear checker was submitted by Delekii.

Current Version:

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I created a damage reduction spreadsheet for myself to calculate relative values of each stat. I have since fleshed it out a lot, to the sheet that is available today at the link above. Please let me know if you find any issues, and report for sticky/upvote if you find it useful. 

How to use:

Enter data as you see it on your character with gear equipped but no skills that affect stats (ie: remove one with everything, seize the initiaive, etc). Dismiss follower, make sure you have no group skills.

If you want to use the dps spreadsheet, also enter your offensive data without a weapon equipped (needs to be this way due to funky reporting of attack speed with multiple weapons equipped, and bad rounding).

Select your skill setup, any team-mate skills that may be active, and/or follower skills.

Then move on to sheet 2, which is the DR sheet (now includes the gear checker). No data needs to be entered here except for the stats of outgoing and incoming gear if you want to compare DR, and that data entry is all in a self-contained and obvious box on the right side. Anything else you want to change in terms of skills should be done on the charater stats sheet.

If you want to, you can move on to the DPS sheet, which uses the dps stats entered on the first page. Enter up to 5 weapons as before, and choose the currently active weapons. This page has not changed significantly except that the skills increasing damage are dynamically incorporated from the first page. You can now also see the damage per ability toggled by damage modifiers you should always have, and damage modifiers that are burst only (with cooldowns).

Please note - these spreadsheets will lose a lot of functionality if converted to a format other than googledocs. Any functions that use a drop-down box in googledocs will not work, and you will have to enter the value manually instead. It is much easier to use on googledocs.