Alkaizer's Act 3 #1 Paragon XP Farming Route

Here is Alkaizer's Act 3 leveling run from his live stream.

Alkaizer was the first person to hit Paragon level 100 just 2 weeks after Patch 1.0.4 was released.

Patch 1.0.8 Update: Keep in mind that in Patch 1.0.8, the mob density was buffed in the other acts, so while this run is still effective, it is by no means the fastest way to increase your paragon level or farm anymore! There are many other great farming routes you can now use that are just as effective as the Alkaizer run.

The Act 3 Run: 
  • Resumes game right before Azmodan
  • Runs backwards through Core of Arreat, clear
  • WP to Tower of Damned Level 1, clear in a circle, WP out
  • WP to Arreat Crater Level 2, clear to Tower of Cursed Level 1 entrance, TP
  • Waypoint to Keep Depths Level 1, enter Keep Depths Level 2, clear
  • WP to Bridge of Korsikk
  • Clear Fields of Slaughter, then TP
  • Leave game, repeat. 

Alkaizer's Description of his route:

My route changed a few times. At the start of paragon I was simply doing standard magic find runs, 5 stack siegebreaker to azmodan because I felt this would yield the best possible loot. Around level 40 is when I set it in stone that I was actually going to attempt to hit level 100 before anyone else. At this point I started at Azmodan's checkpoint and worked backwards trying to find good routes to maximize WOTB uptime and going through areas I felt were with it for potential item drops and exp.

It wasn't until around level 90 that my route became Core of Arreat(Azmodan Checkpoint) -> Tower of Damned Level 1 -> Arreat Crater Level 2 -> Keep Depths Level 2 -> Fields of Slaughter. I felt this would give me a good balance of drops and probably pretty close to the max possible experience for the time spent.

Build: The WW Barb (double tornado) build Alkaizer used.