Demon Hunter Tank Guide

Demon Hunter Tank Guide submitted by Mor.

Basic Information:
The basis behind the Tank DH is combining rapid life on hit procs with high levels of armor and resist all.

This achieves a large amount of HP regen and survivability and a general stress free level of game play. It is -NOT- the most uber end all way to destroy everything in the game but it remains a viable and fun alternative to glass cannon and balanced builds.

The fundamental difference between a cannon and a tank build is that a cannon build tries to avoid getting hit and stacks resists (if they choose to) to simply give themselves a few extra hits so the game is a little more forgiving. A tank build runs into the pack of mobs and feels safer surrounded by mobs than in the open due to the massive amount of life regen coming from all of the trash.

Basic Builds:

Full Tank
The full tank DH focuses almost entirely on defensive abilities keeping just enough DPS to clear content before enrage timers (but sometimes just tanks through the enrage timers too lol). This is the most stress-free style of game play as the full tank DH can face tank nearly anything in the game.

estimated dps: < or = to 20k
gear choice: 1h-xbow+shield for maximum defense

DPS Tank
This build represents a middle ground between hybrid and full tank DH. This build stacks on much more defensive stats but tries to maintain as high level of dps as possible to efficiently kill monsters.

estimated dps: 15-30k
gear choice: dual wield xbows or bow/xbow+quiver!eVX!ZcYabb

Hybrid Tank
This build is a mix between a balanced DH and a tank DH. The build has good survivability but not enough to take extremely heavy sources of damage. The DH will purposefully force close range engagements to increase their damage output and regen but will switch to kite mode when facing very heavy hitting mobs or large sources of heavy damage such as desecration pools or arcane sentries.

estimated dps: >30k
gear choice: dual wield xbows or bow/xbow+quiver!ZYb!ZYccbb

General Stats for Inferno:
Act I: 20k HP / 3k Armor / 300 RA / 900+ LoH
Act II: 30k HP / 4k Armor / 400 RA / 1200+ LoH
Act III: 45k+ HP / 5k Armor / 550+ RA / 1500+ LoH
Act IV: 50k+ HP / 6k Armor / 650+ RA / 1700+ LoH