Monk 1.0.4 Build

Monk 1.0.4 Build submitted by Jandrosaurus

Stats: 46.6K dps, 30% crit, 262% CD, and 644 AR.
  • I was able to drop MoH:ToN in favor of MoE:Backlash. With 48% dodge (55% with the 3sec buff), it procs a lot and adds a good chunk of aoe.
  • I kept SW:Cyclone, Serenity:4sec, BoH:Wrath for obvious reasons.
  • Dropped Blinding Flash:FitL in favor of LTK:Vulture claw. Seeing 150k+ crits is awesome and it's a great spirit dump. Getting an enemy against a wall/object and unleashing a few of those in quick succession just melts everything.
  • I have some spirit regen on my helm so maybe I'll give WoL a try and see how that goes as a spirit dump. Some of the numbers I have seen from lesser geared monks are awesome.
  • Passives didn't change much but I'm considering dropping resolve for either Guardian's Path (more backlash procs) or Chant (more bells!).
  • With current spec and gear I can walk through Act3 with ease. Before the patch I was pretty stuck on ActIV but with all the changes I think I'll give it another go tonight. Being able to spend my spirit is pretty fantastic.