Tips for Handling Elite-Mob Enrage Timers

These tips for handling elite-mob enrage timers were submitted by Richard.

I've noticed recent hatred of the enrage-timer:
  • It's redundant, if you are taking that long to kill a mob why punish the player for wasting 20 minutes to kill an elite pack?
  • It sucks to kite for however long and you get the mob down to 5%, then it suddenly enrages and melts you.
Complaints and gripes about the mechanic aside, here is how I handle it:
  • The enrage timer appears to be a feature built-in to activate after a certain time threshold has been met in which the elite has been "in-combat".
  • To prevent the enrage-timer, you simply need to "reset" the clock by putting the mob "out of combat". One of the ways to reset the clock, is let the mob heal to full-hp. This is obviously counter-productive. HOWEVER...
If you leave an "area", whether it be taking a step into another level, or waypoint back to base, you can "reset" the enrage timer. The other thing I've noticed is that elite mobs DO NOT regen after a 5-sec countdown if you zone out, the way they do now, i.e when you're lying in a pool of your own blood while being teabagged by said elite. I've had to WP back to town for repairs after a death, only to port back to find that evil invincible-shielding mob still at half HP. Hurrah!

Basically: If you are in a long fight, "exit" the area out to reset the enrage timer. Mob won't heal back very quickly. I like to fight my elites near an entrance anyhow, as I will kite it down to 1% HP, step out, put my MF on in safety, then enter back in and finish said mob off with a nuke or two.

This may prompt some "abuse" as you can jump in, shoot a couple nukes, then exit back out to wait for HP/resource regen. It's a much slower kill-method, but I would imagine this could be an appealing route for underequipped players. Not sure how Blizz could/would handle this issue.

  •  Identifying Enrage tip by Xitium:
Whenever you see this, the mob/pack is enraged. ANY attack against them with instantly drain you of all of your health. The good news is that the mobs WILL reset after about 90 seconds to 2 minutes of not being attacked.