Witch Doctor AoE and Boss Builds

Witch Doctor AoE and Boss Builds by Cheveyo.

Currently, I'm level 29.

Here is my AoE build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#hSUdiT!bc!aaZZaZ

Here is my Boss fighting build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#aeUdgT!bc!baZZaZ

For most fights, I charge in, use Locust Swarm, Hit Firebomb once or twice to get some bouncing, hit Soul Harvest for the buff and heal, then drop acid cloud on everything. After this I spam Firebomb until everything is dead. If I'm about to die, I use spirit walk and walk through some health globes. If there are no globes, I walk to the outside of the pack, use a pot and then proceed to spamming firebomb.

Against bosses, I switch to those abilities, as they allow me to do a lot of single target damage quickly. Dart and Spirit Walk are excellent for mana regen. I use Haunt and Soul Harvest for heals. Spirit Barrage is my spam ability. I start the fight by dropping Haunt on a target then I spam barrage until OOM, then spam Dart. To regain all I've spent. I recast Haunt when I stop getting the heal ticks. Spirit Walk I use if the boss is hitting me too much or if they're dropping too many ground puddles/gas clouds.

Gargantuan is used for both because he's a boss.

Passives: Spiritual Attunement for the obvious reasons. Bad Medicine so I don't die too quickly.
I'll be trying out Circle of Life(the one that spawns zombie dogs) once I hit 30.