Killing Bosses Easier as a Barbarian Guide

Here is a small but effective Barbarian Boss Killer guide.

Guide by Shazbot.

How to kill Bosses easier as a Barbarian:
  • Change your left-click skill to Bash with the Clobber rune.
  • Change your right-click skill to Seismic Slam with the Stagger rune.
  • Change your 1 skill to Leap with the rune that gives you a boatload of armor.
  • Change your 2 skill to Overpower or Revenge, depending on your preference.
  • Change your 3 skill to Weapon Throw with the stun rune.
  • Proceed to destroy bosses. In the event of them beginning to use a skill, immediately press 3 if you do not stun them out of it with Bash. Leap for bonus damage resistance if you're soaking hits, and Revenge for more health if you can get lucky and activate it.