Diablo III Auction House Tips

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List of item properties that are very valuable to certain classes (so you don't underprice in the AH)

List submitted by DF.

Life Steal

Very important for all classes. For 1H weapons, can increase price by a huge factor. Sort by DPS with life on hit to figure out how to price.

Crit / Crit Damage

Every class needs this these days.

All resist + Any resist

Monks have a passive that sets all their resistances to their highest resistance. It makes sense for them then to go for gear that has All + Poison/lightning/cold resist exclusively, to max their overall resistances. So while All+Physical/Arcane will be in high demand by all, All+Poison will be in high demand by Monks who decided to go for max poison.

So if you get a +70 RA + 55 Poison resist with Dex and Vit shoulder for example, it should sell for much more than an equivalent item with no Poison resist. Might take a bit of time to sell since there aren't that many Monks with a lot of gold who happen to choose poison/cold/lightning spec.


Many people ignore but it is a very important attribute. Especially for Barbarians because they have a lot of +Armor% skills. To figure out price put in the other modifiers and sort by Armor in order to compare.
Magic Find %

Some people don't realize how valuable this is. It's very valuable. The max MF value is 20% for all slots except Amulets (40%). 20%/40% blues will sell well, and any yellow with 18%/34%+ will sell for much more than an equivalent piece without.


Sockets add a ton of value to every item. Their value also increases slowly as people get higher tier gems. Consider each socket to be worth at least +50 of any stat.

Cold damage bows/xbows

Cold damage causes skills that don't have a particular damage type to slow mobs, which is very useful for kiting as a Demon Hunter. Can add a lot of value to a weapon. Sort by DPS with "Bonus to cold damage" to figure out price.

How easy distinguish real bid from overpriced starting price. by invidiah

Just pick an item and press 'bid'.

If you could see "Starting Price" and sums are equal, item probably highly overpriced and not round numbers mean just that seller is smartass and simulating bid:


If you could see "Current Bid" and sums doesn't equal, bid is real:


What to price an item tip by digdog6

A good way to ballpark the item you want to sell is to do a filter search using the most important stats on said item. Find others with comparable stats and defense on the AH, check what they are selling for (and if they are selling at those prices by looking at remaining auction time) and then set your own price.

If you don't mind waiting you can high ball it, but I personally prefer a fast turnover and have no problem cutting some profit if I can clear out my inventory quickly.

Here is another Auction House Tip by PD:

My logic for pricing:
I don't want it. Would someone else?

Why vendor it for 200g when I could sell it in 30 seconds for 2000g. (Referencing NM/Hell gear).
I'm THAT GUY that drastically undercuts things just so they sell quick to make more room for the next thing to sell. Having only 10 auctions at a time is crippling.

If I had unlimited auction slots I would price more aggressively, but how it is now... I own a warehouse of furniture that I need to liquidate, but I can only sell 10 chairs at a time.

I'm going to give them away for $5 a piece so that I can sell the next thousand chairs that come in instead of trying to sell them for 80% of the retail value to get the most bang for my buck. If you price too aggressively, that stupid thing sits on the AH and takes up a sell-slot for 2 days because you can't cancel auctions.

Auction House Selling Tip by Fyghter:

The game economy is in flux. Your best bet is to look at your cash flow. For items dropped in Normal(Act III-IV), I would say Yellows ~10K Blues no more than ~1k. At the end of Act IV I had right around 10K left (Screw you Belial, I also upgraded as far as I could on Jew + BS) so I would be willing to pay for a decent upgrade with that left.

Once I hit Act 1 of Nightmare, my cashflow seemed to ramp up quite a bit so I would say probably about a 125% or 140% price increase is reasonable at that point. Best thing to ask is how valuable that would be to you if it gave you a big upgrade. Yellows with 5+ stats on them (especially ones with ATK spd and sockets) are going to be worth alot so adjust accordingly.

At this point you will probably be able to high-ball most people in the AH and make a decent amount since there is no economic marker right now. In a month AH prices will settle and it will be back to good ol' fashioned undercutting and monopolizing, WoW-style.

Buyout Price tip by TigerTrap:

By setting a maximum buyout price, items without buyout will not appear in your search.  If you only want to search the AH for items which have a buyout, simply type in a maximum buyout price in the appropriate field.

You can put in the amount of gold you have to see all buyouts you can afford, or the maximum gold buyout if you want to see all buyout items (I think it's something like 2,500,000,000, but I'm not sure).

Auction House Tip by Lottimer:

Scout the auction house. Set a max buyout of something somewhat low (5-10k), and sort to the lowest cost buyouts.

There is some great gear for some dirt cheap prices (300-500 gold) that can really give you a boost if you're having trouble finding a good replacement.

Tips for Searching the Auction House by delbin:

I found a method that really helped me find the best items for my money. What do you all do to find the diamonds in the rough?

First, do your usual filtering and put in your primary stat, vitality, and any other stat you value and see what pops up. Set the buyout price to the most you'd want to pay. Look at the top page or two until you find a weapon you like.

Whatever amount of dex/str/int it has, put that as your minimum and search again. This will bring up the item you like along with other comparable items. Look at the first couple pages again and see if there's something better. Repeat until you're down to just one page. Then you can take your time comparing prices and looking for the best sub-stats.

With this method I came across a crossbow that had middling DPS, but 3X the dex of anything I've seen so far. I ended up using that thing for 15 levels.

Too many items on mules, overwhelmed?

If you're like me and have too many items on your mules that you want to get rid of but are a bit overwhelmed, the first thing you should do is organize everything by type, and by how good you think the item is. It will be a lot easier to go through the items when they are categorized.

How to Determine if an Item is Worth Selling on the Auction House For Beginners

I made the mistake of trying to sell some really worthless items on the Auction House early. Now I have 10 items up for auction that no one is going to buy because the stats aren't that good. Don't sell anything until you are done with act 2 or 3.

Things that you could sell are things that you could go "Yeah, I would use that on (insert class here).". Such as if it has high strength and high vit, would you use it on your Barb? if yes try and sell it.

Most things you want to sell should have stats like high str + vit + all res + other useful stats, same goes with Int, Vit, and Dex. Don't set your prices really high. Make them reasonable.

Auction House Timer tip by Ravine: 

Take note, the Action House timer continues running during downtime!

I just lost my bid for a big item because I was outbid right before the servers went down. Item had 30 minutes left to go. Server just came back up and item is already gone. I'm pretty damn annoyed.

Perfect Square Gems Tip  by Antonskarp

How to get perfect square gems (and up) for lower cost than to craft them:

Search for a helm with a socket and +13% life. This will show quite a few helmets with socketed amethysts, and some of them perfect square and better.

Guess some people don't know you can remove socketed gems. Just got a bunch of perfect square gems for 20k a pop.