Diablo 3 Subtle Essences and Fallen Teeth

Here is a small guide on Subtle Essences and Fallen Teeth by AgentStabby.

Subtle Essences and Fallen Teeth can be acquired by salvaging magical items using the blacksmith. If you are like me you have been salvaging all your items and stockpiling crafting materials hoping they come in handy later. According to Blizzard Blacksmith information they do come in handy, but only to around level 30 where they become obsolete.

If you want to make optimal use of your basic crafting materials it seems to me you should upgrade your blacksmith to level 4 and use all your crafting materials making kick ass equipment. You will need to be level 24-27 to be able to use it however.

Other possible uses include selling it for gold (although you would have got more money selling the item and not the salvaged materials). Keeping the crafting materials for your next character so they will have powerful low level items as they progress or selling them on the Auction House, although I doubt there will be much demand.

If you have a better idea / use for them I'd be happy to hear it.