Monk Hell Build

Here is another Monk Hell Build submitted by Unknown.

I've been messing with builds all the way through with my Monk, and I think this one breaks the game.

I can sit there and tank literally any rare mob Hell can throw at me and kill them without breaking a sweat. Plagued, molten, shielding... they all fall to this build.

Bosses? They're the easiest. I can often even ignore mechanics for extended periods of time and survive so much. I haven't tried this with a party, but I think it would still be OP since the shielding from Mantra of Healing extends to your party.

The Build:!YUT!YaZYbb

And here are my stats (at level 59): 24k HP, 4.6k damage, 2650 armor, 2.3 attacks/sec, 223 all resistances

FoT + Quickening - Generates spirit at a ridiculous rate, so just keep spamming this. I just stand in a crowd and hold down my left mouse button to spam this.

Exploding Palm - This is interchangeable for anything you want. I just like the explosions so I use this as a spirit burn.

Sweeping Wind - Keep this up all the time. Generates spirit via Quickening and does a ton of passive AoE damage.

Serenity - If you find yourself standing on something bad, or find your life dipping alarmingly quickly, or just want to go balls-to-the-wall at the end of a fight, pop this.

Breath of Heaven - Keep the buff up, and use this as another emergency button.

Mantra of Healing - This is the primary skill. I usually press this button at once every 2-4 seconds, depending on how my spirit is regenerating. This keeps you in the fight and is what makes this build so faceroll. As long as you keep tapping this button, it's extremely difficult for mobs to kill you.

Passives: Transcendence helps with healing, One With Everything gives me lots of DR from resists, and NDE is just a backup. I think these are pretty interchangeable with anything though, since none of them are required for the FoT + MoH spam.