Monk Inferno Azmodan Solo Build

Monk Inferno Azmodan Solo Build submitted by Changg.

The Build:!aVU!acYcbc

Inferno Azmodan Soloed, Click for the Full Screenshot
  • Resists: 506 (all) 
  • HP: 60547 
  • Dex: 1405 
  • Vitality: 1209 Damage: 14k out of combat, 20k in combat.
  • Armor: 5885
  • Block: 14%
  • Dodge: 34%

The fight lasted a good 20 minutes and was absolutely one of the hardest things I've done in the game thus far. Can't wait for Act 4.

My Farm Build:!ZXU!ZZYZZa

This is what I used when I first until I got some pretty good upgrades, then I moved on to the main spec. Not saying it's the best, but it's what has worked for me.