Monk FoT Inferno Act 2 Build

Diablo III Monk FoT Inferno Act 2 Build submitted by KravenLupei.


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My new build, the top one, is the one I'm running lately. Prior, I used the other one, but decided I didn't have enough battlefield mobility. Sure I could use Dashing Strike, but it cost spirit, felt slow and clunky.... Then I said "Hey, why not try a combination strike build?" and went to using 2 skills (Reach - Keen and Thunderclap or WotHF). That worked ok, but then I toyed some more and went with running 3 primaries and it seems to work, exceptionally well in fact.

The build is about dashing all over the field and having lots of damage being poured into enemies / elites before they can do much in retaliation. You need high attack speed, and at least for my WotHF you want 10+% crit chance, I'm running 14. You will tear through elites in seconds in Inferno solo with this build.

My Gear and Stats:

Those sand wasps? Destroy them with a Thunderclap, punch them a bit with WotHF, back off, finish with Reaching Strike if still alive. Kick away if needed. Pop conviction for a huge damage boost, pop serenity for immu, and 3 seconds should be enough to take out most enemies.

If it doesn't take them out, you kite away with Keen Eye until you have enough health / cooldowns are up again to dash right back into the fight and tear enemies apart in your next strike.