Monk FoT Hell Build

Monk FoT Hell Build submitted by CateyeRR.

I can stay alive for a long time and tank for the rest of the group, which is fine because I don't have the gear to dish out the dps yet. Once I gear up more I may get rid of blinding flash in favor of sweeping wind or something. Updated.

FoT + Quickening - I just can't give up the teleport mobility of this skill. been using it since lvl 6. Plus I think FoT is the fastest spirit generator, which I need.

SSS + Pandemonium - This is actually more of a defensive ability than offensive. 2ish seconds of immunity plus stunning a majority of whatever I'm fighting is invaluable when fighting champions that can 1 shot me.

Blinding flash + searing light - Pretty self explanatory. I'll use this as an interrupt for mob's big damage abilities, and to buy myself time when I get in over my head.

WoL + Explosvie - Great aoe damage, i spend extra spirit on this. Also good for getting mobs off your back when surrounded.

Serenity + Tranquility - Must have for champion and rare monsters in hell, particularly freezing or jailer modded since it breaks roots/stuns. Also protects/unroots the party

MoH + Boon of Protection - My #1 most used spirit spender when tanking. This + transcendence keeps me alive, against tough mobs i am spamming only this to keep us up.

Passives are pretty self explanatory, transcendence is mandatory for me. Dps suffers a little with this build, also because I socket mainly for +vit but my gear is crap right now anyway.