Diablo3Blog Needs Your Help

So Diablo3Blog has been up for a while and we now have a bunch of useful content on the site, but now it's time to make this site even bigger and better.

I am asking for submissions for any type of guides that users would like to create for Diablo3Blog. It's about time we have some exclusive user submitted Diablo 3 guides that help everyone.

If you would like to submit a guide, please use our Diablo 3 Guide Submission Form here.

Note (If people make a guide for the same thing its ok, the information can be combined and the guides twice can be twice as helpful. So feel free to make a guide for whatever you want without worrying that someone else already made a guide for that.)

The guides I am looking to add are guides for anything in Diablo 3, whatever you want. Can be in text format, no need for any images or HTML, I will add it myself. Including individual class guides, for example a whole section dedicated to just one class. If you would like to help Diablo3Blog, this is the best way.

This site is pretty large, but it can be huge with your help. I will put up any and all guides that get submitted after reviewing them with of course full credit to the person that submitted them, so your name or username will be on the site as recognition of your service to the site. You can even write a small guide on a specific thing, and it will be posted. Examples of guides can be found on the navigation menu of the site.

Let's make this site as in-depth as it can be so it can  help everyone own in both PVE and PVP!

So if you can, please take a break for a second from Diablo 3, and help us out by writing your own guide for anything you want on Diablo 3, it would REALLY help the site out!

Currently I would say the most wanted things would be specific guides for a class or build.

I myself will also be working on guides, currently I am working on a fairly in-depth Barbarian guide. (As well as a bunch of others) The guide will include the best ways of using the Barbarian, the best builds and items and a review of each and how it works with the class. Also other random tips and hints for the Barbarian will all be included.

Like I mentioned the site is large, but it can be a lot more in-depth with your help.

If you have any questions or comments please post a comment below. Also please remember these build guides don't have to be huge, just informative.

To submit a guide, a build or anything else, please use our Diablo 3 Guide Submission Form here.

Note: Thank you for your guide contributions. So far we have had a few contributions that were reviewed and put up on the site. Looking forward to more of your guide submissions.