Barbarian Inferno Mobility Stutter Step Build

Barbarian Inferno Mobility Stutter Step Build submitted by megabiceps.


Right now I'm severely under geared in act 2 inferno, but using this build I can easily farm act 1 and struggle through act 2 if I want to. If you can properly stutter step you can maintain maximum DPS with this build while avoiding most damage. You can literally run circles around almost every mob, and that's pretty much what you do.

A polearm is almost required for this build, because you can move pretty much immediately after attacking. You can then move very large distances between strikes.

With sprint and mauraders rage up all the time stuff dies pretty quickly as well.

With leap and charge and sprint you can get out of any situation at pretty much any time. the +300% armor and heal are also very usefull.

So far it seems like a very good alternative for people that don't really want to sit and tank.