List of KNOWN items in Diablo III

Armor - Gauntlets, Plate Leggings, Gothic Helm, Plated Greaves, Gothic Plate, Plated Pauldrons, Inferior Leather Gloves, Inferior Quilted Pants [x2], Quilted Pants [x2], Chest Armor [Gold], Sash, Leather Gloves
Weapons - Throwing Knife, Short Bow, Short Staff, Two Handed Axe [Purple], Unknown Axe [only seen on ground], Short Staff [Purple]
Miscellaneous - Health Globe, Gold, Elixir of Vitality I, Scroll of Identify [x3], Small Bag, Elixir of Willpower I
Rings and Amulets - Ancient Medallion, Amulet [Gold]
Gems and Runes - Minor Power Rune, Minor Energy Rune, Chipped Star Topaz, Minor Power Rune, Minor Lethality Rune
Potions - Minor Health Potion