Hotfixes to Legendary Item Drop Rates, Blood Shard Legendaries and Paragon Portraits

Blizzard has increased the drop rate for legendary items in Torment 1-6 and from purchases with blood shards from Kadala. The full post is below:

  Update 3/28 @ 5:20 p.m. PT: These hotfixes have been implemented and should now be live in all regions. Please note that you may need to restart your game in order for them to go into effect. 


Hey everyone, 

As a quick heads up, we have two buffs to Legendary item drop rates coming down the pipeline. 

  • First change: We're increasing the drop rate for Legendary items (this includes Set items) in Torment 1-6.

  • Second change: We're significantly increasing the chance for an item purchased from Kadala to be a Legendary.

Both of these hotfixes are somewhat proactive, but are aimed to help improve the reward curve for players as they start to reach higher Torment difficulties. We look forward to hearing your feedback as a result of these changes!

Please note that these hotfixes have not yet been implemented. Once the hotfixes are live, they will be added and updated here.


New Paragon Portraits

Blizzard is also adding new paragon portraits to the game.

Here's the post:

Update! We're going to add additional Paragon portraits. :) It's been a popular request from the community, and we think it would be cool to distinguish players with a lot of Paragon levels. So, in an upcoming patch we plan on adding more. The new portraits are currently intended to be given every 100 levels, starting at Paragon 200, and stops at Paragon 800.