HC New Tristram Mob Hotfix

Today there was a HC hotfix that made it so mobs in New Tristram will die upon entering the city effectively removing the ability for people to grief hardcore characters who go afk in New Tristram.

Blizzard tracker: June 25, 2013

Be careful out there!

I am not on the forums to frequently therefore this may not be a new thing.

My hardcore character died in town and I am not sure how this happened. I was and have always been under the impression that the town area was meant to be a safe zone. I have provided the screenshot the game took when I died.

I was in town afk temporarily and when I returned my character was slain by "Walking Corpse" with two players watching close by. This doesn't make sense as I remember back in an earlier patch the "Weeping Hollow" was converted into a portal entry to no longer permit monsters in town.

Regardless, is it possible to my character revived? This is more likely a case of Player Killing or Griefing by the two less than reputable players in the attached picture, Their names are [Removed] and [Removed]. I suspect it may have been something to do with the front entrance to the Act 1 town which has a few monsters.

Anyways, if this is another oversight by the game developers then I can only shake my head in disappointment. This type of issue should not still be happening 8 patches in considering the issue was already somewhat addressed by the "Weeping Hollow" fix.

I hope my character can be revived, and this type of unsportsmanlike behavior be addressed.

Today a hotfix went live which makes it no longer possible for hostile monsters to enter New Tristram through its eastern gate (any monster that attempts to cross this threshold should now instantly die). 

If you believe that certain players previously used this tactic against you in order to intentionally grief your character, please avoid calling them out by name on the forums and instead report them by submitting a ticket so that we can investigate their accounts and take the necessary actions. 

Unfortunately, as stated in our Diablo III Restorations Policy, Customer Support cannot revive fallen hardcore heroes for any reason and hardcore heroes cannot be rolled back. As such, your hero's valorous deeds will simply have to be remembered, like so many other fallen Nephalem.