Fan Creation of the Week: SakuraFlame and Kotori Cosplay

Blizzard Tracker: May 25, 2013

Fan Creation of the Week: SakuraFlame and Kotori Cosplay
The world of Sanctuary can be a dark and ominous place filled with terrors unseen and nightmares manifested to life. But amidst the turmoil, there are some who dare to stand up against the continuous onslaughts from the Burning Hells, and it takes dedicated individuals to do justice to recreating those heroes in the flesh.
This week’s community spotlight shines on cosplayer SakuraFlame and her detailed cosplay of a level 60 Diablo III Wizard, as well as her friend and compatriot Kotori's Demon Hunter cosplay. Each of them constructed their own costumes, and Anstellos and Photogeny were responsible for many of their fine photos.
SakuraFlame was also kind enough to share an assortment of behind-the-scenes photos chronicling the creation of her ornate cosplay. You can find a few glimpses below of some of the intense preparation and hard work that goes into creating a truly epic cosplay.
SakuraFlame and Kotori group up to take on photographer Anstellos.
Kotori also recently joined SakuraFlame for an atmospheric photoshoot with impressive results!
Eager to see more of SakuraFlame and Kotori's cosplay photos? Check out more of their work over onSakuraFlame and Kotori's DeviantART galleries!