Community Commentary: Philanthropy Station

Community Commentary: Philanthropy Station.

Blizzard Tracker: May 24, 2013

Community Commentary: Philanthropy Station
This week's Community Commentary shout-out goes to runit3 and his awesome project known as the "Philanthropy Station."
Designed to give new players and veteran players a way to connect, the Philanthropy Station is all about helping others out. The way the project works is pretty simple: veteran players volunteer their services in one of several categories -- including Hardcore, Ubers MP10 (or requested MP), Paragon leveling MP10 (or requested MP), power leveling, questing, and build advice and game mechanics -- and then other players sign up to matched with verified volunteers according to the type of gameplay or assistance they're looking for.
There's an application process as well as a few rules for players to follow (all in place to provide the best experience possible for everyone involved), so if you're interested in supporting this project or think you might benefit from a little philanthropy, be sure to head over to the official forums to learn more!
Know of any other similar community-run projects, services, or groups that focus on new player help? Share a link in the comments or send an email to