Monster Density Patch Note Clarification and 1.0.8 Exp Shrines Information

Blizzard tracker: April 17, 2013

In the latest PTR patch notes for build 16033, we noted that "certain areas in Act I and Act II have received further adjustments to Monster Density." We've seen some players ask what zones this change applies to, so here's a bit more information.

Zones that are bolded received a straight-up buff to their density. 
Zones that are italicized were slightly nerfed. 
All other zones had monster spawns adjusted to make them feel more "clumpy." 

Act I:

  • The Lyceum
  • Cave of the Moon Clan Level 1
  • Weeping Hollow
  • Cathedral Level 1
  • Cathedral Level 2
  • Leoric’s Hunting Grounds
  • Whimsyshire

Act II:

  • Realm of Shadow
  • Dahlgur Oasis
  • Vile Cavern
  • The Storm Halls
  • The Unknown Depths
  • The Eastern Channel
  • The Western Channel

Thank you to everyone who's posted about the density changes so far; your feedback is incredibly appreciated. We're still fine tuning monster density across all Acts, so please be sure to keep sharing your thoughts and experiences from the PTR. :)


1.0.8 Exp Shrines

In 1.0.8 exp shrines will be multiplicative, and mf/gf shrines will break the 300% cap

As an aside, we realize XP shrines aren't useful to players who are P100. I want to acknowledge the issue but you won't see any changes to address this in 1.0.8. We also realize that the MF/GF 25% from Fortune Shrines is small relative to the 300% you already have when you are P100. Again, something we could look to improve in the future, but not in 1.0.8. For 1.0.8 we're only going with the change to exceed the cap.